Product Details

The BoSS features 13 separate storage compartments consisting of: 
      - 4 Large pockets
      - 8 Small pockets
      - Central Pouch Area (good for oversized dice, deck of cards, large miniature, etc.)
+ Drawstring Closure 
+ High quality material that looks great and feels tough (like a Barbarian)
+ Double Stitched seams
+ Exterior size when open: 5” x 5” x 5”
+ OCD Failure Rate -1 

As long as the bag is not overfilled (<75% full) once the BoSS is cinched shut, the fabric will keep your items in their pockets. Once closed, you can toss it in your backpack, car, game box, or even to your friend at another table without your items moving around. Please note that this does not cover enchanted items, because not even your DM can prevent enchanted dice from doing whatever they feel like. (I suggest buying another set of dice from a respected merchant if you have difficulties with enchanted dice.)

The bag was originally designed for dice/gaming tokens, but can be used for organizing any small items. Additional examples provided by current backers are jewelry for travel purposes, golf accessories, and action cameras along with their accessories.

What's in your BoSS?